When pricing your home for sale, the first 30 days are critical; a property generates the most interest when it first hits the market. During this time, the number of showings is greatest if the property is priced at a realistic market value. If your price is too high, you’ll lose the initial audience of buys and will have to rely on a slow trickle of new buyers entering the market- starting too high and dropping the price later misses the initial period of excitement and fails to generate strong activity. Do not overprice your property because you have “time”. In fact, many homes that start high end up selling below market value.

When trying to determine the right price for your property, it helps to “think like a buyer”. Often, sellers have an attachment to their homes that prevents them from objectively valuing their own property. “Thinking like a buyer” can give you an idea of how your house compares to others at the price you want to get for your property.

With a thorough and keen understanding of the latest local and neighborhood listing and sales data, a real estate agent will ensure your home is priced right, adjusted as needed, and will sell quickly.